What are the Features & benefits of the OneCard Credit Card?

By OneCard   |   May 27, 2024

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Credit cards are more than just a convenient payment tool; they can be powerful financial allies. But with so many options out there, finding the right card that aligns with your needs can feel like navigating a financial maze. But here comes the One Credit Card, a sleek metal credit card designed to redefine your relationship with money.

So, what sets OneCard’s features and benefits apart? Let’s dive into the perks that might just transform your financial journey.

1. Exclusive Rewards

Gone are the days of annual fees, joining fees, and even reward redemption fees. With the unique OneCard features, you have multiple ways to save money. You earn reward points on every swipe, with no expiration date. By spending on top two spending categories each month, you can unlock 5X reward points. groceries, dining, travel—the choice is yours.

2. Spends Planner

We often feel lost in a sea of transactions, juggling bills. Spends Planner—a unique OneCard feature—can be your financial superhero. This handy tool within the app lets you set budgets, track spending like a pro, and even analyse your habits. No need to worry about spreadsheets or confusing credit card statements.

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3. MyRent

Ditch the hassle of manual rent payments with the MyRent feature. This feature lets you instantly transfer rent for both your home and office, right through the One Credit Card app. You can even track and manage all your rent payments effortlessly, with past transactions readily available. This OneCard feature makes rent payments a breeze, saving you the monthly stress of rent payments.

4. FD-Backed OneCard

Don’t you have a high credit score? No worries. OneCard offers a unique FD-backed credit card. You will instantly qualify for a One Credit Card with a credit limit equivalent to your fixed deposit. No credit score is required. You can create an FD starting at as low as ₹5,000 and up to ₹1,00,000. To get a metal card, you need to create an FD of at least ₹50,000. This opens the door to creditworthiness for everyone.

5. MyFamily

Forget splitting bills and managing multiple cards. The MyFamily OneCard feature lets you share your credit limit with up to five family members, each getting their own personalised One Credit Card app and physical card. This means even those without a credit score can build their credit history responsibly. Additionally, you control the spending. You can set individual limits and track expenses effortlessly through the app, as well as enjoy separate offers on your card.

6. Tap In-App Auth

OneCard prioritizes your security with its innovative ‘Tap In-App Auth’ feature. This OneCard feature empowers you to take control by simply tapping your phone screen whenever an unusual transaction is detected. Thus, no more OTP hassles, just a quick tap for peace of mind. Experience the difference with the OneCard app, where security is made simple.

7. OneCash

Life can throw curveballs at any given moment, and a financial emergency may just be around the corner. Unexpected expenses, like a hefty deposit for a house or a medical emergency, can leave you scrambling. Moreover, loans can be a hassle, and borrowing from someone else may leave you with additional debt. But fear not; the OneCash OneCard feature has your back.

This game-changer lets you instantly transfer money to your bank account without waiting. All it takes is three simple steps. Plus, you get flexible repayment plans, so you can breathe easy knowing you have options.

8. Merchant EMI

Looking to get your hands on the latest phone but worried about the price tag? Merchant EMI—a OneCard app feature—lets you buy from top brands with convenient EMI options, including no-cost EMIs. So, no more complex applications or hidden fees. Simply choose your desired item, select the EMI plan, and swipe your One Credit Card.

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9. OneTrips

Accepted globally with a low forex markup fee of only 1%, the One Credit Card is your trusted travel companion. Thus, explore the world without worrying about hidden charges. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with OneCard features and benefits.

10. Some More OneCard Features And Benefits

OneCard features and benefits are constantly evolving, as well as offering hidden gems like:

  • Fuel surcharge waivers: Save on petrol and diesel purchases at select stations.
  • Subscription tracking and management: Easily track and manage all your subscriptions within the app.
  • Insurance coverage options: Opt for additional peace of mind with insurance add-ons.
  • Instant cash advances: Get instant cash advances when you need them, subject to approval.
  • Dining delights and travel treats: Enjoy exclusive offers and discounts on dining, travel, and other lifestyle categories.

To conclude, OneCard features and benefits go beyond just a rewards card. It’s a financial companion that helps you manage your money, save on expenses, and enjoy exclusive benefits. So, ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with One Credit Card. It’s time to unlock a world of financial freedom and rewards, one swipe at a time.

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