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By OneCard   |   February 09, 2023

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Credit cards can be a slippery slope when you are not in charge of your spends. That’s why tracking your credit expenses is integral to your financial health. Otherwise, you find yourself cluelessly staring at a long credit card statement or anxiously checking every third-party app you may have used. Fortunately, OneCard users don’t have to go through this hassle. Tracking and managing your spends on OneCard is a breeze.

Table of contents:

There are three ways in which you can track your expenses on OneCard:

1. Spends

Spends include every transaction you have made on your card. It shows the amount you have spent, where you have spent it, and also how much rewards you have earned on the purchase. From small expenses like grocery bills to big-ticket purchases like electronics, OneCard keeps a transparent account of it all.

Did you know that with OneCard you get rewards points for every spend? You can redeem it anytime in the app for cash.

2. Categories

You can also assess where you are spending your money the most by checking out the category section. It divides your spending into categories like shopping, food, fuel, etc so you don’t overrule your budget.

Did you know that OneCard also rewards you for spending in any three categories? You can earn 5x rewards on the top two spend categories.

3. Merchants

Wonder how much you spent on Zomato this month? Or how much your recent shopping spree on Myntra costed you? Just one click on the merchant section, and we will tell you exactly where your money is going.

With these insights handy, it’s easy to plan and track your monthly budget and ensure you are always in charge of your money.

Every once in a while we go overboard with our expenses, and our saving goals go for a toss. That’s why having a budget is important.

Here’s how you can plan a budget effectively:

Step 1 : Work out your monthly income

Step 2 : List out your monthly expenses

Step 3 : Categorize your expenses

Step 4 : Set limits for each category

Step 5 : Track your spending

Step 6 : Review and adjust

Want a credit card that gives you a transparent view of your expenses? Download OneCard.


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