OneCard Fee Updates - Rent, Wallet Fee & Fuel Surcharge Waiver Cap

By OneCard   |   February 03, 2023

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We would like to inform you of the revisions in fees and services w.e.f 20th Feb,2022.
Description Fees
Rent/Wallet Loading Transaction Fee on Third-Party Merchants 1%
Rent Transaction Fee on OneCard’s In-App Rent Payment 0%
Fuel Surcharge Waiver Cap Up to Rs.400 per month per account

What is the Rent/Wallet Loading Transaction Fee?

This is an additional fee charged on rent payments and wallet loading made using OneCard credit card on third-party apps/merchants like PayTM, Cred, PhonePe, etc. These payments will attract an additional charge of 1% over and above the convenience fees charged by these apps (between 1-2%).

For example (considering the third party merchant fee is 1.5%),

If a rent of Rs. 10,000 is to be paid via a third party merchant app, it will amount to:

Rs. 10,000 + 1.5% fee (charged by the third party merchant app) = Rs. 10,150

Rs. 10,150 + 1% fee (charged by OneCard) = Rs. 10,251.5 + GST

Is the rent Transaction Fee applicable to OneCard's in-app rent payment?

There will not be any Transaction Fee charged on OneCard’s in-app rent payments.

Only a Convenience Fee of 1.5% will be levied on the overall amount.

For example, if a rent of Rs. 10,000 is to be paid via the OneCard app, it will amount to:

Rs. 10,000 + 1.5% Convenience Fee = Rs. 10,150 + GST

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What is a fuel surcharge?

It is a transaction fee charged by merchant banks in addition to the value of fuel purchased. The fuel surcharge ranges between 1% and 1.7%.

What is a fuel surcharge waiver?

A fuel surcharge waiver is the surcharge amount given back to the customer in the form of a refund.

For example (considering the fuel surcharge is 1%),

Spending 2,000 on fuel will amount to a total transaction value of Rs. 2,000 + 1% (Rs. 20) = Rs. 2,020.

As part of the fuel surcharge waiver, 1% (Rs. 20) will be given back to the customer in the form of a refund.

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What is a Fuel Surcharge Waiver Cap?

This is the limit till which customer gets the fuel surcharge amount waived off.

Currently, the fuel surcharge waiver amount comes without any capping. As per the new update, the fuel surcharge waiver benefit will be capped at Rs. 400 per customer per calendar month, which means the maximum waiver that a customer can get in one month will be Rs. 400.

For example (considering the fuel surcharge is 1%),

Spending Rs. 45,000 on fuel per month will amount to Rs. 45,000 + 1% (Rs. 450) = Rs. 45,450.

The fuel surcharge amounts to Rs. 450. As per the new update, a surcharge waiver given to a customer will be capped at Rs. 400.

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