The OneCard Credit Card Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC)

Issued by SBM Bank, Managed by OneCard

The OneCard Credit Card Terms and Conditions (In Hindi)

These Most Important Terms and Conditions apply to OneCard Credit Card (OneCard) issued by SBM Bank (India) Limited (Bank)in partnership with FPL Technologies Private Limited (FPL, or Company). Activating your card from the OneCard app or clicking on ‘Submit’ or ‘I Agree’ or any similar tab/icon would mean acceptance of the below terms and conditions by the cardholder/cardmember/user (You).

The MITCs are in addition to and are to be read along with the detailed Terms and Conditions, and are subject to changes from time to time. The most recent version will always be available on this website.

Welcome to a world of convenience!

The OneCard Mobile App📱

You can control your OneCard entirely from the powerful OneCard Mobile App, some of the actions being:

- Set your App PIN
- Activate your OneCard
- Make credit card bill payments
- Manage your virtual credit card
- Control your credit and cash withdrawal limits
- Enable online, domestic and international usage
- Set your OneCard PIN (For use at Point of Sale and ATMs)
- Raise disputes or service queries on any aspect of your OneCard

We have ensured that you can do the above transactions only in a secure environment after you authenticate yourself with your preferred authentication mechanism (Fingerprint/PIN). As a cardholder, you should be aware of the features and impact of these transactions as you would be responsible for your actions within the OneCard App.

Virtual Credit Card 💳📲

In addition to the physical OneCard, you will receive as part of the on-boarding process, a virtual rendition of the same OneCard which will be available on the OneCard App.

This virtual card is also a VISA powered credit card so that you can use it for any online or mobile application-based transactions or purchases. The security parameters are set as per industry standards.


We believe in keeping your life simple and our charges reflect our endeavour in that direction. 

As long as you use the OneCard within your approved credit limit, and pay the full outstanding by the due date, we wont charge you anything. However, in cases of delays in payments or part payments or using your card beyond the limit, there would be some charges levied. Here’s a list of these charges:

OneCard Schedule of Charges

* Cash Withdrawal from ATMs

You can use the OneCard to withdraw cash from ATMs in India and/or overseas (except foreign currency transactions in Nepal and Bhutan) in accordance with the compatibility of the OneCard at the said ATM(s). Cash withdrawal charges or ATM withdrawal fee as mentioned above shall be levied on all such withdrawals and would be billed to you in the next/forthcoming OneCard statement.

** Interest Free Period

Please remember that this facility of an interest free period will not be available to you if you have not paid the previous month’s outstanding amount in entirety.

*** Interest Rate

At the end of each day, the current balance/outstanding amount will be multiplied by the daily rate to arrive at the daily interest charges, which then get added to your outstanding balance. A simple formula would be as below: ((Number of days X Entire outstanding amount X (Interest rate per month x 12 months))/365 days. Currently, the interest rate on unpaid dues is 30% per annum, or 2.5% per month.

Sample Illustration 1 (dues not paid in full)

Purchase: Rs. 10,000 on January 15, 2021
Statement Date: February 01, 2021
Total Amount Due: Rs. 10,000
Payment Due Date: February 18, 2021

Payment Done: Rs. 500 on February 10, 2021

No other transactions in February.

As per the formula shared above, the interest will be charged as follows:

OneCard Interest Calculation

Goods & Services Tax (GST) at the prevailing rate (currently 18%) will be levied on this interest charged, which is Rs. 65.17.

This will be added to the outstanding amount so in your statement on March 01, 2021, the Total Amount Due will be Rs. 9,927.23 (Rs. 9,500 + Rs. 362.06 + Rs. 65.17).

Sample Illustration 2 (Dues revolved, fresh purchase)

Statement Date: March 01, 2021
Total Amount Due: Rs. 9,927.23
Payment Due Date: March 18, 2021

Payment Done: Rs. 500 on March 10, 2021

New Purchase: Rs. 5,000 on March 20, 2021

Interest will be charged as follows:

OneCard Interest Calculation

Goods & Services Tax (GST) at the prevailing rate (currently 18%) will be levied on this interest charged, which is Rs. 52.78.

This will be added to the outstanding amount so in your statement on April 01, 2020, the Total Amount Due will be Rs. 14,773.22 (Rs. 14,427.23 + Rs. 293.21 + Rs. 52.78).

Note: These illustrations are meant to be indicative and to show how interest is calculated and charged. Actual amounts can vary depending on specific cases.

The Minimum Amount Due is a variable percentage of Net Debits + Full Over The Limit amount + EMI billed for the month inclusive of EMI interest, fees and taxes + Previous statement unpaid minimum amount dues if any.

The Minimum Amount Due variable percentage can range between (5% - 100%) and will be based upon the cardholder’s repayment status.

**** Late Payment Fee

You are charged a Late Payment Fee if there has been no payment or a payment less than the Minimum Amount Due is received by the Payment Due Date. 


Consider the Total Amount Due (TAD) is Rs. 5,000 and Payment Due Date is 4 May, 2020. In case the cardholder does not pay the Minimum Amount Due by the Payment Due Date, a Late Payment Fee of Rs. 125 will be levied on the next bill due date. Late Payment Fee is 2.5% of the TAD i.e. 2.5% X Rs. 5,000, which is Rs. 125.

***** Convenience Fee

Convenience Fee is being levied to offset the higher charges imposed by payment gateways for processing transactions via select card BINs.

Forex Markup Fee:

When you use your OneCard to transact in a foreign currency, that transaction amount is converted to Indian Rupees (INR) on the settlement date. This could be different from your transaction date.

If the transaction is not in USD (US Dollars), the amount will first be converted to USD, and then the USD amount will be converted to INR as per rate provided by VISA. On this amount, a forex markup fee will be levied, and GST will be applicable on the markup fee. If this transaction is refunded or reversed, both the markup fee and GST charges will be refunded.

A forex markup fee will also be levied in case of an Indian Rupee (INR) transaction done at a merchant or payment gateway that is based out of India.


Your Credit Limit and Cash Withdrawal Limit are both dynamic. You can request for an increase in your credit limit from the app if you’re eligible for this option. Once approved, this revised amount would be your new Credit Limit.

FPL also reserves the right to recommend a credit limit increase to you based on your OneCard usage, inside the OneCard app. This recommendation and its associated Terms and conditions will be made available to you to consider before accepting the recommendation.

Once you read and agree to the Terms related to credit limit increase displayed inside the OneCard app and provide your consent to increase the limit, FPL will enhance the credit limit on your card. Your acceptance of the limit increase recommendation received through electronic means inside the OneCard app where you specifically validate the limit increase and agree to the MITC will be treated as a consent.

FPL will keep the digital records of such consent, and will treat it as proof of consent in case of any dispute arising later on account of limit increase.

FPL will review your account periodically, and reserves the right to decrease your credit limit based on your transaction patterns, repayment behaviour and other internal criteria. This will be informed to you via the OneCard app and/or via email and SMS.

“Available Credit Limit” or “Available Cash Limit” is the limit up to which you can make purchases or withdraw cash from an ATM respectively. The Cash Limit is a part of the overall Credit Limit assigned to you though unavailable to cardholders for the time being. An intimation will be shared once it is enabled.


i) Billing statements (periodicity and mode of sending)

Your billing statement will be generated every month (currently on 20th) and you can view the statement in the OneCard App. It will contain a break-up of all purchases, repayments, fees, interest charges, refunds and taxes. In case the card was not used in a month, the statement will mention there were no spends in that month. The app also has an option to view the statement in PDF format, which can then be downloaded from the phone. 

ii) Minimum Amount Due

When you get your Statement (currently on 20th), you can choose to pay the Total Amount Due (TAD) or the Minimum Amount Due (MAD) as per your statement. The remaining balance can be carried forward to subsequent months. This Minimum Amount Due will be:

i) 5% of the outstanding amount or Rs.100 (whichever is greater) PLUS
ii) Previous unpaid minimum amount dues, if any; PLUS
iii) Any amount exceeding the credit limit; PLUS
iv) Entire amount of any instalments (EMI) due (if/as applicable)  

You can also pay the Total Amount Due or an amount between the Minimum Amount Due and Total Amount Due. Payment should be made before Payment Due Date to avoid Late Payment Charges. 

When you make a payment, it is adjusted in this order:

Billed Cash Advance Fees with Interest and Taxes ⏩ Billed Purchases with Fees, Interest and Taxes (as applicable) ⏩ UnBilled Cash Advance Fees with Interest and Taxes ⏩ UnBilled Purchases with Fees, Interest and Taxes (as applicable).

Within these, the payment is further adjusted as below:

Taxes ⏩ Fees ⏩ Interest ⏩ Purchases.

If Total Amount Due is less than Rs.100, Minimum Amount Due would be equal to the Total Amount Due, ie. Rs.100. 

Non-payment of dues

iii) Refunds/Chargebacks/Reimbursements

You must pay for the transactions billed in the OneCard statement to avoid any additional charges being levied. Any refunds, chargebacks or reimbursements which are not shown in the OneCard statement, should not be adjusted or reduced by you from the Total Amount Due (TAD) on your own when making the payment. Refunds/chargebacks/reimbursements if any, will be reflected in your OneCard Account, as and when such refunds/chargeback/reimbursement are received and these will be adjusted against your dues in your next OneCard statement.

iv) Method of payment

You can pay the outstanding dues from the App itself, through the following modes:

a) Debit Card b) Netbanking  c) UPI

You can also make the payment via IMPS or NEFT to the unique OneCard bank account number provided in the app.

(v) Billing disputes resolution

In case of any query or a dispute on any transaction, you must inform us within 30 days of receipt of the statement, by using any of the contact particulars stated below. We will assist you by providing information in relation to charges to the card account. A temporary suspension would be applied on the disputed transaction while under investigation. This would be resolved within a maximum of 60 days. 

(vi) Contact particulars of card issuer

In case you need any help, you can:

📱 Select “Need Help?” from the Profile section in the OneCard App 

📧 Email your query or concern to 

📞 Call us on our helpline number at 1860-266-1111

🏢 Write to us or visit us at: FPL Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Disha Bldg, Survey No 127, Mahavir Park, Opposite Sarjaa, Aundh, Pune 411007

(vii) Grievance Redressal Escalation

If you are not satisfied with the response from regular channels, you can send an email to 

Beyond this level, you can reach out to the bank as per their escalation matrix.

If the issue remains unresolved beyond 30 days even after reaching out to the above channels, or if the response is unsatisfactory, you may write to the Banking Ombudsman for an independent review. Details of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme are available on the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) website at

viii) Refund of credit balance/excess amount

In case there is a credit balance/excess amount lying in your OneCard credit card account due to additional repayment or a refund, this amount can be adjusted against future pending dues or it can be refunded to you as per your request.

a) if this credit balance/excess amount is to be adjusted against future pending dues, no action is required by you.

b) if this credit balance/excess amount is to be refunded, the following procedure must be followed by you:

- request a refund of this credit balance/excess amount in writing by sending an email to from your registered email id, along with the reason for making a repayment in excess of the current dues
- submit the bank statement of the account from where the last two repayments towards your OneCard have been made
- submit a copy of your PAN card, if the credit balance/excess amount is more than Rs. 49,000
- if your OneCard account has been closed, provide details of the savings bank account to which the credit balance/excess amount can be refunded

c) Requests for refund of credit balance/excess amount less than Rs. 1,000 will not be processed

d) If the credit balance/excess amount is due to an additional repayment, it will be reversed within 7-10 working days into the source account from which the cardholder made the repayment

e) If the OneCard credit card account stands cancelled, the credit balance/excess amount will be refunded to the cardholder’s savings bank account as per the procedure outlined in clause b) above. Bank account details must be provided in the email.

f) No interest will be payable on any credit balance/excess amount lying in the cardholder’s OneCard account.

g) Cardholders are not permitted to make excess payment into their OneCard credit card account to artificially enhance their sanctioned credit limit for honouring high value transactions. In case there is a need for enhancement of credit limit, a request can be placed separately for that.


i) Procedure including notice period for reporting a cardholder as defaulter

If you do not pay at least the Minimum Amount Due even 3 days after the Payment Due Date, the card will be reported as delinquent by the Bank to the Credit Information Companies (CICs), authorized by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Non-payment of Minimum Amount Due may also lead to discontinuation of the credit card services. 

ii) Procedure for withdrawal of default report and the period within which the default report would be withdrawn after settlement of dues

Once reported to the Credit Information Companies (CICs) there is no withdrawal of the report. However, if dues are settled by you, this information will be provided to the Bank for sharing with Credit Information Companies (CICs) in the subsequent month.

iii) Recovery procedure in case of default

In the event of a default, you will be sent reminders by post, telephone, email, SMS for settlement of any outstanding dues. If no response is received from you via regular channels, third parties may be engaged to remind, follow up and collect dues. A message may be left with your spouse / parent / other direct adult family member / secretary / accountant or other colleague, as available, at your residence / office / phone. Any such third party appointed shall adhere fully to the code of conduct on debt collection.

(iv) Recovery of dues in case of death/permanent incapacitance of Cardholder

In case of death or permanent incapacitance of the primary cardmember, a waiver on outstanding amount due up to Rs. 50,000 will be offered. If the outstanding amount is more than Rs. 50,000, we may need to follow up with your legal heirs, informing them about your outstanding amount and requesting them to clear dues.

(v) Setting off the lien

The Bank and its group companies shall have paramount right to set-off and lien, irrespective of any other lien or charge, present as well as future, on deposits of any kind and nature (including fixed deposits) held / balances lying in any other account(s) of the Cardmember maintained with the Bank and/or its group companies, whether in single name or joint name(s) and on any monies, securities, bonds and all other assets, documents and properties held by/under the control of the Bank and/or its group companies (whether by way of security or otherwise pursuant to any contract entered / to be entered into by the Cardmember in any capacity) towards the satisfaction of the Cardmember’s liability under his card account.

The Bank and/or its group companies are entitled without any notice to the Cardmember, to settle any indebtedness whatsoever owed by the Cardmember to the Bank and/or its group companies (whether actual or contingent, or whether primary or collateral or whether joint and/or several) hereunder or under any other document/agreement, by adjusting, setting off any deposit and/or transferring monies lying to the balance of any account(s) held by the Cardmember with the Bank and/or its group companies notwithstanding that the deposit / balances lying in such account/s may not be expressed in the same currency as such indebtedness. The Bank’s and its group companies’ rights hereunder shall not be affected by the Cardmember’s bankruptcy, death or winding-up. It shall be Cardmember’s sole responsibility and liability to settle all disputes/objections with any such joint account holders.

In addition to the above mentioned right or any other right which the Bank and its group companies may at any time be entitled whether by operation of law, contract or otherwise, the Bank is authorised / will be entitled: (a) to combine or consolidate at any time all or any of the accounts and liabilities of the Cardmember with or to any branch of the Bank and/or its group companies; (b) to sell or otherwise dispose of any of the Cardmember’s securities or properties held by the Bank by way of public or private sale or otherwise without having to institute any judicial proceeding whatsoever and retain/appropriate from the proceeds derived there from the total amounts outstanding to the Bank and/or its group companies from the Cardmember, including costs and expenses in connection with such sale or disposal; and (c) in case of cross currency set off, to convert an obligation in one currency to another currency at a rate determined at the sole discretion of the Bank and/or its group companies.


i) Procedure for surrender of card by Cardholder - due notice –

a) You can close your OneCard account any time by calling our Customer Care team or by emailing us. The entire card outstanding dues and loans / EMI facilities linked to your OneCard (if applicable and/or availed of) will immediately become due.

b) Any refund/reversal that is received after the card closure will be intimated to you and refunded electronically to the account number shared with customer care after verifying the ownership.

c) Upon termination/revocation of OneCard membership for any reason whatsoever, whether at the instance of the Cardmember or FPL, the Cardmember shall remain liable for all charges incurred by the use of the OneCard.

d) You specifically acknowledge that once your OneCard account is closed, the privileges (including but not limited to all benefits and services accrued, reward points not redeemed etc) of the OneCard stand nullified. Reinstatement of the same is neither automatic nor attendant and will take place solely at the discretion of FPL.

e) For avoiding misuse, it is advised to destroy the OneCard card ensuring that the hologram, magnetic strip and chip are destroyed permanently.

f) Your OneCard account will be closed only once FPL receives the payment of all amounts due and outstanding in respect of the said OneCard account.

g) At the time of closure of your card, only the excess balance will be refunded to you, except amount equivalent to reward points.

h) Any reward points at the time of card closure will automatically become invalid if not redeemed before requesting the closure of the card.

ii) Procedure for revocation of card membership

Your access to your OneCard may be cancelled or revoked at any time without prior notice, if we consider it necessary for business or security reasons, which may include but are not limited to:

a) Delayed or dishonoured payments, improper use of credit card (in violation of RBI and Foreign Exchange rules).

b) Misleading or incorrect information / documents given along with card application.

c) Failure to furnish information or documents as required under the Know Your Customer (KYC)/ Anti Money Laundering (AML)/ Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) guidelines.

d) Involvement in any civil litigation or criminal offence / proceedings by any authority, court of law or professional body or association.

e) Changes in credit policy due to prevailing conditions / unforeseen circumstances.

You may continue to get your OneCard statements with actual outstanding, even after closure of the card account.


i) Procedure to be followed in case of loss/theft/misuse of card

In case your OneCard is lost, stolen, misplaced, or if the credit card PIN has been compromised, report this immediately from the OneCard App or via phone on 1860-266-1111 or email us on

If your OneCard is misplaced, you can lock the card temporarily from the OneCard App. 

If your OneCard is lost or stolen, you can block it from the OneCard App and a new card will be sent to you. You can also reset the Card PIN from the OneCard App.

In case the mobile phone with the OneCard App is lost or stolen, inform us immediately by calling on 1860-266-1111. Please also report the theft of the OneCard or phone to the police by lodging a First Information Report (FIR), and share a copy of that with us when requested. 

If you change the registered mobile number or e-mail address, you can intimate us by sending an email to

ii) Liability of cardholder in case of (i) above

You will not be liable for any misuse on a card or PIN after informing us of the loss, unless you have acted with gross negligence. 

You will be liable for all losses owing to any misuse that happened with your consent or knowledge or prior to informing us about loss of card/phone. 

NEVER share your OneCard App PIN and credit card PIN with anyone!


i) Bank will share credit information including but not limited to the current balance, loans / EMI facilities linked to the OneCard (if applicable and/or availed of), balance outstanding on the OneCard / loan, payment history etc. with Credit Information Companies (CICs) authorised by RBI, as per the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005.

ii) Banks have all responsibility for adherence to all regulatory rules, directions, and guidelines including guidelines on outsourcing of financial services by banks or NBFCs issued by the RBI. The company does not provide any services in contravention of the guideline on outsourcing of financial services by banks or NBFCs issued by the RBI.

iii) FPL will provide particulars of the OneCard account to the statutory authorities and the Bank, as needed. 

iv) Transaction alerts received may not be assumed as a confirmation of transaction completion. 

v) If you do not wish to receive any marketing calls/emails from FPL for other products, you can register for the Do Not Disturb service and also unsubscribe from promotional emails by clicking on the link which will be provided in such emails. 

vi) You will continue to receive communications about transactions and core features of OneCard. A copy of this MITC document, Terms and Conditions, and FAQ will always be available on


By using your OneCard, you are automatically enrolled in the OneCard Rewards Programme. When you transact with your OneCard, reward points are credited to your OneCard account depending on the transaction value and the purchase category. These reward points can be accumulated and further used to repay other purchases or redeemed for exciting offers shown in the OneCard App from time to time.

I. Earn Reward Points

a) Reward points will be credited only on regular purchases across any category.

b) Reward points will not accrue for money transfers, rent payments, cash withdrawals and digital wallet loading or top-up transactions. Sometimes, when you purchase a service/product on a digital wallet app which also offers in-app purchases, you may not get reward points, as it involves actual wallet load, which is then used to make payment to the merchant.

c) Currently, you will get 1 Reward Point on every purchase of Rs. 50.

d) For purchase amounts below Rs. 50, fractional points will be credited. For example, if you spend Rs. 25 on a recharge, 0.5 reward points will be credited.

e) Bonus Rewards: Valid and confirmed purchases across the Top 2 categories in a month are eligible for “5X” rewards, which means you would receive 5 times the reward points on those categories for that month.

- To qualify, you must make purchases across at least 3 categories in a month. From these, the top 2 categories would be eligible for 5X rewards.

- Points accruing due to 5X rewards will be credited to your points balance on the 10th day of the subsequent month. For example, if your purchases in July are eligible, 5X points will be credited to your points balance on August 10.

II. Redeem Reward Points:

a) No fee is levied if you wish to redeem reward points.

b) Rewards points can be redeemed including in the following ways:
- Pay with points: which lets you pay for previous transactions
- Redeem points for other offers/benefits as applicable from time to time

c) The “Pay With Points” functionality will be available against transactions that are less than two months old. For example, if you make a purchase on July 15, you can repay it with points till September 14 only (subject to available points balance).

d) On redemption, the rewards points so redeemed will be automatically subtracted from the accumulated reward points in your OneCard account.

e) To pay with points, simply swipe right on a transaction. In case available points are inadequate, a message will be shown to indicate how many points are needed.

III. Other Terms:

a) Reward points which have been credited or debited to or from your OneCard account shall be reflected on the OneCard app. You can also view the reward points accumulated by you on the OneCard app.

b) FPL reserves the right to wholly or partly modify the OneCard Rewards Programme. FPL also reserves the right to change the reward point conversion rate, withdraw reward points awarded or to vary any of the terms and conditions herein in its absolute discretion without prior notice to the cardholder.

c) In case this OneCard Rewards Programme comes in conflict with any rule, regulation or order or any statutory authority, then FPL has the absolute authority and right to modify or cancel this rewards programme to give effect to said requirements.

d) Reward points do not expire and have lifetime validity, except in circumstances detailed below:

- If the OneCard is not used for more than 365 days, the accrued reward points will be nullified.

- FPL reserves the right to cancel or suspend the accrued reward points if the OneCard account is in arrears, suspension or default or if the OneCard account is or is reasonably suspected to be operated fraudulently.

- In case of cardmember’s death, the reward points earned but not redeemed at that time will be forfeited.

- If a transaction is reversed by way of a refund/chargeback/reimbursement, the transaction amount shall be credited back to your OneCard account. In such instances, the reward points accrued on those transactions will be reduced from the overall points balance.

- In case a cardmember cancels vouchers that were availed of by redeeming reward points, points can be reinstated at FPL’s discretion at the same rate at which they were redeemed.

- On closure/termination of OneCard membership, any reward points pending to be claimed in the cardmember’s account will be forfeited.

e) FPL will not be held responsible if any supplier of products / services offered to you withdraws, cancels, alters or amends those products / services.

f) FPL makes no warranties for the quality of products / services provided by the merchant establishments participating in the OneCard Rewards Programme.

g) You may note that every purchase is assigned a different “Category” depending upon the Merchant Category Code (“MCC”) defined by VISA. According to this, the merchant acquiring bank classifies the merchant depending on the service provided by them. For example, Food & Dining, Shopping, Travel, Entertainment, Groceries, Bills & Utilities, Fuel, and so on. FPL does not have any control over this MCC classification.


These referral programme terms and conditions shall apply to the customer who uses the OneCard (“Cardholder”/”You”) and the person who agrees to be referred to the OneCard (“Referred User”). Participation in this referral programme is entirely voluntary and it is understood that participation by the Cardholder, shall be deemed to have been made on a voluntary basis.

This programme will be applicable for all OneCards activated via referral links on and after November 10, 2020.

a) Effective November 12, 2021, you will receive Two Thousand (2,000) bonus reward points for every new user who joins OneCard through your referral link.

b) The Referred User will have to download the OneCard app using the link provided by you and activate their virtual OneCard. You will receive bonus points only for Referred Users who successfully activate the OneCard.

c) If a Referred User does not join OneCard through your referral link, then you will lose out on the bonus points.

d) Points earned for referring users will not be eligible for the monthly 5X rewards boost.

e) If a Referred User is already a OneScore App user and has applied for OneCard, then such a Referred User will not be considered for bonus reward points.

f) If more than one Cardholder provides the same reference, the Referred User shall receive a referral link from both the Cardholders and the Referred User can choose to apply using any referral link and the corresponding Cardholder shall receive the reward points.

g) The referral link shall be valid only for 30 days. In case a Referred User joins after 30 days, then the Cardholder will not receive points for the same.

h) Along with the referral rewards value and applicable limits, the decision of issuing OneCard to the Referred User will be at the sole discretion of FPL Technologies, as per our evaluation policy, and is subject to change without prior notice.

i) IMPORTANT Sharing of personal information between the Cardholder and the Referred User:

As part of this referral programme and the Cardholder being able to receive reward points for successful referrals using a referral link, the Referred User acknowledges, understands and agrees that when the Referred User accepts the invitation via the referral link and successfully activates the virtual OneCard, the Cardholder will know that the Referred User has received the OneCard. If the Referred User desires to avoid disclosing this personal information, then the Referred User may choose to apply independently and not via the referral link sent by the Cardholder.

Likewise, by sending a referral link, the Cardholder, acknowledges, understands and agrees that the Referred User will know that the Cardholder stands a chance to get rewarded by way of bonus points. If the Cardholder does not desire to disclose this information, the Cardholder should not send a referral link. All communications related to the OneCard approval or rejection will be communicated to the Referred User only and not to the Cardholder. Only a successful referral will trigger a communication to the Cardholder along with the reward redemption details.

j) FPL reserves the right to disqualify the Cardholder from the benefits of this programme, if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under this programme or otherwise by use of the OneCard.

k) You can earn bonus reward points for a maximum of 10 referrals in any calendar month, and a maximum of 100 referrals in a calendar year.

l) FPL has the sole discretion to change, suspend or modify, from time to time, the referral programme and the terms and conditions herein in accordance with applicable laws.


a) The OneCard Secured Credit Card (“OneCard”) is a credit card issued by SBM Bank (India) Limited (the “Bank”) against a fixed deposit created and maintained by the person who wishes to apply for the OneCard (“Cardholder” or “You”) with the Bank.

b) These Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) apply to and regulate the OneCard issued by the Bank and are in addition to and not in derogation of the Terms and Conditions governing the Credit Card facilities of the Bank and Terms and Conditions governing Bank’s Fixed Deposit (the “Primary Terms and Conditions”) as available on the bank’s website. To the extent of any inconsistency between these Terms and Primary Terms and Conditions, these Terms shall prevail.

c) In order to be eligible for availing the OneCard, you shall be required to create and maintain a fixed deposit of minimum Rupees Ten Thousand only (Rs.10,000) with the Bank through the OneCard Mobile Application (“OneCard App”). Do note that the fixed deposit can be created with the Bank using the OneCard App only if a person is applying for OneCard. Only one OneCard credit card shall be issued at any given point to an applicant.

d) The credit limit on the OneCard shall be One Hundred and Ten percent (110%) of the fixed deposit amount, subject to a minimum credit limit of Rupees Eleven Thousand only (Rs.11,000) and maximum credit limit of Rupees One Lakh and Ten Thousand only (Rs.1,10,000). The said credit limit may be subject to change at the sole discretion of the Bank from time to time and shall be communicated to you through such mode and manner as deemed fit by the Bank.

e) You shall be required to create the fixed deposit in the manner specified and upon execution of the relevant documents as specified by the Bank from time to time. The fixed deposit so created with the Bank shall be for a maximum period of twelve (12) months and shall be on auto renewal mode. By applying for the OneCard and agreeing to the Terms contained herein, you hereby give your consent for the fixed deposit to be auto-renewed at the end of every twelve (12) month period. In the event of cancellation of the OneCard by you/Bank, the fixed deposit linked to the OneCard shall continue in accordance with the instructions placed by you at the time of placing the fixed deposit.

f) Upon issuance of the OneCard, in addition to the Bank’s right of general lien and set-off, the Bank shall mark a lien on the entire/part-of fixed deposit amount deposited by you, including interest earned by you, until the termination of the OneCard after paying off the outstanding dues or maturity of the fixed deposit, as the case may be. In the event that you have existing fixed deposit with the Bank, the same will not be linked with the fixed deposit used with your OneCard account. The OneCard shall be activated and be available for use by you only once lien has been marked on the fixed deposit created by you.

g) In case of the OneCard, the whole of the outstanding balance on the Card Account, together with the amount of any outstanding Card transactions along with interest and all other cost, charges as mentioned hereunder, effected but not yet charged to the Card Account during the usage of the OneCard by you will be secured by way of pledge/hypothecation/lien of such securities/fixed or term deposits/such other assets as approved by Bank and standing solely in your name, in the form and manner as prescribed by Bank. You shall execute all such documents in the form and manner satisfactory to the Bank for the creation of security. Costs involved in creation of security and completion of all other formalities, including but not limited to stamp duty, etc. shall be borne by you.

h) The prevailing rate of interest applicable at the time of auto-renewal of the fixed deposit shall be applicable on the linked fixed deposit amount unless you have specifically provided instructions to not auto-renew the fixed deposit which shall mean discontinuance of the OneCard.

i) In case the fixed deposit is liquidated prior to the completion of any twelve (12) month period, tenure-based penalty shall be charged at one (1) percent of interest accrued on the fixed deposit from the date of creation of fixed deposit till date of liquidation of fixed deposit.

j) Once the OneCard is issued, you shall not have the right to make any part withdrawals from the fixed deposit linked to the OneCard. The tenure of the fixed deposit opened for availing the OneCard shall continue on an auto renewal mode unless terminated and cancelled. The issuance of OneCard is subject to successful creation of the fixed deposit.

k) The fixed deposits which are in the name of a single individual shall be eligible for OneCard and the fixed deposit has to be opened through the OneCard App. Nomination facilities shall be available for the fixed deposit facility.

l) In the event of termination/withdrawal/cancellation of the fixed deposit of the OneCard or if you fail to pay the amount outstanding on the OneCard within sixty (60) days from the due date as mentioned in the Card Statement, or in case of termination of the fixed deposit upon your demise, the Bank shall be entitled forthwith to liquidate the entire fixed deposit amount including the interest accrued and set-off such amount against the outstanding amount payable to Bank under the OneCard. Any balance remaining after the above referred deduction shall be refunded to you and pending outstanding will have to be paid immediately. In case of your unfortunate demise, the OneCard shall stand terminated. Further, in case of non-payment of dues, the Bank shall report the OneCard held by you as delinquent to the Credit Information Companies (CICs), authorized by the RBI and such reporting shall affect your credit score adversely.

m) In accordance with the terms and conditions governing the Fixed Deposits, for Cardholders with fixed deposit opened through One-Time Password (OTP) based e-KYC (electronic-Know Your Customer) verification, non-completion of approved KYC verification or customer due-diligence, within 1 (one) year of availing opening the fixed deposit, for any reason whatsoever, shall result in closure of the relevant fixed deposit account. It is to be noted that in the above event, the OneCard availed by you against the fixed deposit shall also be closed, and the lien marked against such fixed deposit shall be removed. However, notwithstanding anything contained herein or any other document, in such case, the Bank shall have the right to liquidate the entire fixed deposit amount, including the interest accrued, and set-off such amount against the outstanding amount payable to Bank with respect to the OneCard. Any balance remaining after the above the due adjustment shall be refunded to you.

n) Cardholders have an option to top-up the fixed deposit within the OneCard App at the sole discretion of the Bank/FPL.

o) Cardholders with a cumulative fixed deposit amount above Rs. 50,000 or as decided from time to time will be eligible for an upgrade to a metal card.

p) During the upgrade to a metal card and subsequent dispatch, your OneCard will be blocked, but a new virtual card would be available within the App for your use.


i) Your OneCard is valid for use both in India as well as abroad. It is, however, not valid for making foreign currency transactions in Nepal and Bhutan.

ii) Foreign exchange trading through Internet trading portals is not permitted. In the event of any violations or failure to comply, you may be liable for penal action and/or closure of the card.