Tips to Remember Credit Card Payment Due Dates in 2024

By OneCard   |   May 27, 2024

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Credit cards offer a secure, cashless payment option, aiding in earning cashback and reward points and boosting your credit score. Neglecting your payment due date in credit card transactions can harm your credit score and attract heavy interest fees. However, overlooking payment due dates may lead to late fees and penalties. Therefore, completing your credit card payments online on time is important for securing a healthy credit history.

Here are some actionable tips to stay on top of your payment due dates in credit card transactions.

Set up Automatic Payments

Setting up automatic payments is a game-changer. By linking your bank account to your credit card, you ensure the minimum payment is deducted on the payment due date in credit card transactions. Thus, it ensures on-time payments, prevents late fees, and maintains a positive credit history.

Set Alerts

Set up payment alerts on your smartphone or through banking apps. You can also shoot an email reminder at least 5 days before the date. This keeps the payment due date on top of your mind and aligned with the credit card bill generation date, ensuring you’re always one step ahead.

Pay Early

Being proactive about your credit card bills can also be helpful. Paying your credit card bill a few days before the payment due date in credit card transactions or upon receipt of your credit card statement avoids last-minute stress and provides a buffer against any unexpected issues. It’s a simple yet effective way to ensure you never miss a payment.

Use Payment Apps

Embrace the convenience of payment apps like the OneCard App. Link your credit card and set up reminders for the payment due date in credit card transactions. These apps often sync with the credit card bill generation date. Furthermore, they offer a comprehensive solution to manage your finances and stay on top of your payment obligations.

Pay All Your Bills at Once

Streamline your bill payment and minimise the risk of overlooking it by making all your payments simultaneously. Instead of making separate payments for each bill, you can set aside a specific monthly time to pay all your bills at once. This approach helps you stay organised and ensures that no payment due date in credit card transactions or credit card bill generation date slips through the cracks. It’s a time-efficient method to manage your financial obligations effectively.

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Easy Payment with One Credit Card

Here are some convenient methods to pay off your credit card bill without much hassle:

  1. One-Tap to Bill Payments:

    Open the One Credit Card app and tap ‘Pay Now’ on the home screen. Choose to pay the total amount due, the minimum, or a custom amount using your preferred method: UPI, debit card, or net banking. Easy and simple.

  2. Auto-Pilot Payments:

    Have a busy schedule? You can set up automatic payments that deduct the bill amount every month on the same date with your preferred payment method. Enable the Autopay feature on the One Credit Card app, set the debit date, choose your payment method, and never miss a due date again.

  3. EMIs:

    Convert your credit card bill into EMIs. This will help you pay off your debt over several months. Don’t forget to check the interest rates applicable before using this feature. However, this will also help you avoid late payment charges in case you are unable to make the payment within the due date.

With these handy payment features, you can stay on top of your credit card bill generation date as well as your payment due date without breaking a sweat. Choose the option that fits your lifestyle, and enjoy the peace of mind of never missing a payment again.

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