How to Convert Credit Card Payment to EMI?

By OneCard   |   February 08, 2024

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How to Convert Credit Card Payment to EMI?

Converting credit card payments into EMI is an appealing option for many. The facility to convert credit card bills to EMI makes big purchases more manageable by breaking them into smaller monthly payments.

Whether it’s a sudden emergency or an indulgence, the credit card EMI conversion process helps stretch your financial boundaries without feeling the immediate pinch. This guide is designed to detail how to convert your credit card bills into easy EMIs.

EMI conversion is a financial tool that makes paying off significant credit card expenditures easier, turning a one-time large payment into smaller, more predictable monthly instalments. Here’s what the different terms associated with an EMI conversion on a credit card mean:

  • Principal amount: The purchase amount that is being converted into EMIs. The amount spent using the credit card will be paid back in instalments.
  • Interest rate: It is the extra charge on the principal that will be added to the monthly instalments. It is a percentage of the principal amount and varies depending on the lender’s policies and the type of purchase.
  • Tenure: The number of months you choose to pay back the EMI. Tenure can range from 3 to 24 months, and choosing a suitable tenure is important to balancing affordability with overall interest costs.
  • Monthly payments: Fixed monthly payments that include both principal and interest. These payments must be made on time to avoid penalties or negative impacts on your CIBIL score.

For example, you have purchased a laptop for Rs. 60,000 on your credit card. You can choose a tenure of 12 months with an interest rate of 14%. Your monthly EMI will be Rs. 5,377. It means you can enjoy your new laptop without draining your bank account all at once.

EMI conversion thus provides a practical option for managing large expenses, but understanding your interest rate and wisely choosing your tenure will help you make the most of this facility.

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