Things To Consider Before Getting Your Credit Card Upgraded

By OneCard   |   February 08, 2024

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Things To Consider Before Getting Your Credit Card Upgraded

Credit cards have gained immense popularity for their convenience and benefits. They simplify transactions and offer perks like cashback, rewards, and more. In this blog, we’ll understand a credit card, things to consider before getting your credit card upgraded, and how to upgrade it online.

Understanding Credit Card Upgrades

When it’s time to upgrade your credit card, you can do it easily online. Credit card upgrades involve transitioning from your current credit card to a higher-tier one within the same issuer. You can upgrade your credit cards to adapt to changing financial needs or capitalise on better deals, ultimately optimising your credit card experience for more significant savings and convenience.

Things to consider before getting your credit card upgraded

  • Spending patterns

    Take a close look at your spending patterns and habits. Consider whether the rewards and benefits offered by the upgraded card align with the areas where you frequently spend. For instance, if you frequently dine out or travel, a card that offers reward points or cashback in those categories could provide significant value.

  • Fees and costs

    When considering an upgrade, weighing the costs against the benefits is helpful. Beyond just the annual fees and joining charges, understand other potential costs, such as transaction fees, late payment charges, and interest rates.
  • Credit score

    Your credit score plays a major role in the upgrade process. Premium credit cards often have higher eligibility requirements, including a stronger credit history. Before applying, review your credit score and credit report. A healthy credit score increases your chances of approval and can secure lower interest rates and higher credit limits.
  • Rewards and benefits

    Beyond rewards, look out for the finer details of the benefits of the upgraded card. For instance, assess the usefulness of complimentary travel insurance, airport lounge access, concierge services, and discounts at partner merchants. These additional perks can significantly enhance your experience.
  • Comparison

    The market offers a variety of upgraded credit card options, each with unique features and advantages. Take your time with a decision. Instead, take the time to compare multiple cards. Evaluate factors such as eligibility criteria, credit limit increases, ease of reward redemption, and the quality of customer support provided.


Credit cards are integral to financial management, offering convenience and flexibility. When the time is right, seize the opportunity to upgrade your card online and open doors to enhanced benefits and tailored features.


Are there any fees associated with using a credit card?

Credit cards come with various fees, including annual fees, interest charges, late payment charges, and foreign transaction fees. Some credit cards like OneCard come with zero annual and joining fees, so you can save money on using them.

How do I make payments on my credit card?

Payments on credit cards can be made through several methods, such as paying via mobile apps or online banking, cheque payments, or visiting a bank physically. Most providers offer mobile apps or net banking portals where you can pay your bill, view statements, learn about credit card usage and manage your account. You can also pay your bills via third-party apps like Paytm, Cred, etc. Make sure to pay at least the minimum due before the due date to maintain a good credit standing.

What is a credit score, and how does it relate to credit cards?

A credit score is a numerical representation of your creditworthiness. Credit cards play a significant role in shaping this score. Responsible credit card usage, like paying bills on time and managing the credit limit, boosts your score, while missed payments and high usage can reduce it.

Can I use my credit card for cash withdrawals?

Some credit cards allow cash withdrawals from ATMs, but it’s usually associated with fees and higher interest rates. Unlike regular purchases, interest on credit card cash withdrawals starts accruing immediately, and the charges can add up quickly.

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