Why Credit Cards are Preferred for Online Shopping?

By OneCard   |   June 23, 2023

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Did you know that on average, Indians spend 65 percent* more in terms of value on e-commerce transactions as compared to offline transactions (PoS) using credit cards? It comes as no surprise that credit cards are one of the most preferred modes of payment for online shopping.

Read this blog to learn why you must have a credit card for online shopping and how it can transform your shopping experience.

How Credit Cards Make Online Shopping More Convenient

Credit cards are a convenient mode of payment

Using a credit card for online shopping enables you to complete your purchase in just a few steps, especially if you have saved your card on the online platform. If you are shopping on reliable websites, you don’t need to worry about your card information getting compromised. Saving your card information can save you a lot of time and the hassle involved in manually entering payment details.

Credit cards are accepted widely

Payment modes such as cash, debit cards, or UPI may not be accepted on all platforms, especially if you are using international websites to make any purchase. However, credit cards are accepted across almost all online shopping platforms, thus saving you time and effort.

How Credit Cards Make Online Shopping Safer

Provide added security

One of the primary concerns with using a credit card for online shopping is the security aspect of it. Credit card companies need to comply with advanced security measures, such as encryption and fraud monitoring, to protect their users’ personal and financial data. Additionally, most credit cards also provide fraud protection programs, that allow you to dispute fraudulent charges.

Faster dispute resolution

In case of any dispute with the merchant, the credit card support system helps you get a faster resolution as compared to other payment modes. This gives an additional sense of security while transacting online.

How Credit Cards Help You Gain More from Your Online Shopping Experience

Rewards and cashback

Credit cards offer various benefits to their users, including rewards and cashback, which makes them an ideal choice for online shopping. The reward points are very useful when they can be redeemed for cash back, gift vouchers, travel tickets, or even discounted products.

Partner offers

Credit card companies regularly partner with various merchants in popular categories such as travel, food and dining, groceries, education, etc. to enable their customers to save money while purchasing particular products or services. Typical offers are upfront discounts, EMI options, additional discounts, free deliveries, fuel surcharge waivers, etc.

OneCard Is the Best Credit Card for Online Shopping

If you are looking for your first credit card, OneCard is the perfect choice for you. Make your online shopping experience more convenient and rewarding with OneCard features including:

Virtual Credit Card

No hassle of looking for your credit card to enter card details. OneCard’s virtual credit card lets you copy the card details instantly and paste them into the online shopping app. Or if you are using a website, simply flip the card on your app to see the card number, CVV, and expiry date.

Powerful Mobile App

The OneCard app is powered by advanced technology that gives you full visibility into your spending. In-app card controls let you manage all aspects of your card with just a few clicks.

5X Boost On Rewards

When you shop in three or more categories, we boost your rewards in the top two categories by 5X, no matter which categories they are! Make your online shopping even more rewarding with this feature.

Instant EMI

Planning to buy the latest electronics gadget or eyeing gorgeous furniture for your home? Convert large purchases into easy EMIs with the click of a button on your app. No calls, no emails, and no documentation are needed.


With the OneCard MyFamily feature, give your family members their own co-branded OneCard with separate offers. You can also easily keep track of their spending.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of card is best for online shopping?

Credit cards are the ideal choice for shopping online. The best credit card for shopping will offer various benefits, such as fraud protection, offers and rewards, and convenience. Credit cards are also widely accepted, allowing you to comfortably use them anywhere, irrespective of whether it is online or offline shopping or domestic or international transactions.

2. Is a PIN required for credit card shopping?

If you are shopping online using a credit card, you won’t be required to enter your PIN. However, if you are shopping offline, i.e., swiping your credit card at a POS (point of sale), you will be asked to enter the PIN. If you have forgotten your credit card PIN, here are some simple steps to change your credit card PIN.

3. Is it safe to use a credit card for online shopping?

Credit cards offer a variety of security features including fraud protection, OTP verification, etc. However, it is still the responsibility of an individual to take a few precautionary measures to avoid getting scammed online. These steps include using only secure websites for shopping, using trusted payment gateways, keeping your devices free of malware, being cautious of suspicious emails and messages, monitoring your credit card statements regularly, etc.



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