Best Credit Card in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

By OneCard   |   July 06, 2023

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Credit cards have become something of a necessity in our everyday lives for making transactions, doing online shopping, and receiving exclusive offers and bonuses. However, selecting the best credit card in India is difficult due to the abundance of available options. Let’s understand points to consider while selecting the best credit card and how to apply for it.

Things to Consider Before Opting for the Best Credit Card in India

Before choosing a credit card in India, you should consider the following:

Check the Annual fees:

Credit cards have different charges and fees. These include late payment penalties and annual fees. In addition, interest rates can also affect your pocket if you intend to carry a balance on your card. So, consider all these factors before finalising a credit card.

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Check the Credit Score Requirement:

A high credit score is necessary to be eligible for the top unsecured credit cards offered in India. Consider a secured credit card if your credit score is low.

Understand the Rewards and benefits:

Look for credit cards with ​​ rewards and points for your usual purchases, such as travel, dining, and shopping. Some credit cards even give cashback or discounts on certain purchases, like petrol or groceries.

Get Special Credit Cards:

If you love shopping online, pick a credit card that provides special discounts and offers on these categories.

Explore Options in Credit Cards:

Premium credit cards come with a high annual fee. They also come with special features like access to lounges and travel insurance. A premium credit card can be worthwhile if you travel frequently or want to use the extra perks.

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Why OneCard is one of the Best Credit Cards in India

Due to its unique features and advantages, OneCard is among the best credit cards in India for the following reasons:

A Premium Metal Card:

OneCard’s premium metal card has been skilfully crafted. The alchemy gives it a stellar feel and sets it apart from good old plastic credit cards. Don’t begrudge people for eyeing your card every time you take it out.

Secure Virtual Card:

OneCard’s virtual card offers a safe and practical alternative to a physical credit card. You can set up a virtual card in under five minutes right here or through the OneCard app with absolute safety and security.

5x Rewards:

OneCard customers can earn additional rewards on their top two spending categories with the card's 5x rewards feature. With this feature, the top two categories to avail 5X rewards are calculated at the end of the month and the rewards are credited immediately.

My Family Sharing:

OneCard offers a unique credit card solution for families. Even if family members don't have a credit score, they can get their own OneCard. Manage family spending digitally through the OneCard app, track expenses, and earn reward points. Each add-on card has separate offers, and there are no joining or annual fees for family members, just like the primary OneCard.

Instant EMI options:

OneCard credit card offers EMI options that enable you to shop instantly and pay in installments without needing paperwork or phone calls. EMIs are a versatile and practical alternative for people. You can manage it from the EMI dashboard and earn reward points on EMI transactions.

How Can You Apply for OneCard – the Top Credit Card in India?

You can apply for OneCard by following these simple steps:

  • First, click on the “Apply Now” button on the OneCard website to start the process.
  • You will be asked to enter your phone number and OTP.
  • Now, verify your email and proceed further to enter your details including name, PAN, Date of Birth and Gender.
  • Wait for your PAN to be verified
  • Now enter your address details and get it verified
  • Wait for your CIBIL assessment to check your offer details.
  • Download the OneCard app from the Google Play Store or the App Store to complete your KYC.
  • Activate your physical card after it is received.


In conclusion, choosing the best credit card in India that suits your requirements can be challenging! However, OneCard is unquestionably among the best credit cards in India going into 2023, thanks to its metal card, EMI options, and 5x rewards on top two categories.

Furthermore, OneCard’s dedication to transparency, simplicity, and giving control to the customer is also a welcome development in the credit card industry.

FAQs - Best Credit Card in India

Which is the best credit card in India with low interest?

You can research credit cards from various banks if you are looking for a credit card with low interest rates and other perks. OneCard offers amazing features like zero joining and annual fees along with great reward programs.

Which credit card is best for the rewards program?

There are several credit cards available in the market that offer great deals on online purchases, fuel expenses etc. But if you are looking for an all-rounder credit card that has some great reward programs, go for the OneCard credit card. A key benefit it offers is the 5X rewards program, where you get 5X reward points on your top two spending categories.

Which type of credit card is best in India?

The best type of credit card in India depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors such as rewards, benefits, fees, and interest rates to find the card that suits you best. You can also go for the OneCard metal credit card, with its excellent features, user-friendly mobile app, and simple onboarding process, it is one of the top credit cards in India.

Which credit card is the best for online shopping in India?

Today, we have many credit cards that are specifically meant for online shopping in India. While choosing a credit card that has some exciting rewards for online shopping, you must try the OneCard credit card as it offers some great reward programs across several popular online shopping merchants.

Which is the topmost credit card in India?

OneCard, which features a metal card, no additional fees, a 5x rewards program, and an advanced mobile app, is one of the topmost credit cards in India. It stands out in the Indian credit card market due to its various advantages and features.


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