Credit Card Tips for International Travel

By OneCard   |   June 17, 2024

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Credit cards have come a long way since 1950. Started as a way to pay for restaurant meals, they are now used for everything from buying clothes to paying rent. They also double up as a handy travel companion, especially for frequent travellers. You can now book your flight tickets, make hotel reservations, and save the hassle of carrying cash and converting it into local currency. Using a credit card for international travel is, therefore, convenient for multiple reasons.

How do you choose the best credit card to use abroad? It is important to pick the right one because the wrong card can throw up undesired surprises on your statement. Not to mention the several benefits you can gain from picking the right one. Here are some ways you can make the most of a credit card for your next trip abroad.

Essential Tips for Credit Card International Travel

The best credit card to use abroad is one that maximises your savings while keeping your statement to a bare minimum. For instance, using a credit card during international travel often comes with foreign transaction fees. But it is not the only extra cost you will be dealing with. Let’s find out the key things to remember while using a credit card during international travel:

1. Choose the Right Credit Card

The market is saturated with credit cards catering to your every need, so selecting a card with incentives for international travel is critical. Furthermore, it should offer features such as no (or low) foreign transaction fees and travel rewards, among others. Many cards typically charge a fee of around 1 to 3% on each purchase. Additionally, be mindful of the exchange rates when converting currencies.

2. Carry Multiple Cards

You need multiple credit cards for international travel because they offer security and flexibility. On the one hand, a backup is useful if one of your cards is lost, stolen, or declined. On the other hand, it ensures acceptance if one card network is unavailable in certain regions.

3. Enable International Transactions

A flurry of transactions in a foreign country can lead to your card being flagged for suspicious activity. It is, thus, better to enable international transactions from the One Credit Card app, so your issuer isn’t concerned about your overseas shopping sprees.

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4. Secure Your Cards

It is prudent to use only chip-and-pin credit cards, as they are less vulnerable to fraud compared to traditional magnetic stripe cards. You must also protect your credit cards from unauthorised access by using the in-app controls to track your credit card usage.

5. Refuse Dynamic Currency Conversion

While making international transactions, you will have the option of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) allowing you to make purchases using your home currency. This may help you understand the amount more intuitively, and save you the hassle of foreign exchange maths, but it often comes with a poor exchange rate. Always opt to pay via the local currency using your credit card with minimal or no foreign exchange fee. This way, you will only be charged for the credit card’s currency conversion fee.

6. Avoid Using ATMs

It is advisable to sort out your cash needs beforehand so you can avoid using ATMs abroad. We know it is convenient, but you have to reckon with high fees and potential security risks like card skimming or fraud.

7. Check for Perks

Many cards designed for travellers offer a wide range of benefits, like travel insurance. It is quite useful in cases of trip cancellation and baggage loss. Furthermore, many cards like One Credit Card carry several offers such as flight bookings, reward points, etc., so be sure to check the ‘Explore Offers’ section on the app.

8. Monitor Your Account

Lastly, you must check your credit card activity regularly through apps to spot any suspicious activity promptly. Do not forget to have emergency contact information readily available in case of lost or stolen cards.

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Ways to Use Credit Cards Abroad

Using a credit card during your international travels is quite smooth if you know how to put your card to good use. Here’s how you can use your credit card:

1. Everyday Purchases

A credit card can save you the hassle of carrying large wads of cash to pay for meals, souvenirs, transport, and accommodations.

2. Flights

The best credit card to use abroad is one that offers rewards for expenses like booking flights and hotels. For instance, One Credit Card offers plenty of discounts on flight bookings.

3. Airport Lounge Access

Certain credit cards let you access airport lounges worldwide. You can enjoy complimentary amenities such as comfortable seats, WiFi, and shower facilities.

4. Concierge

A few premium credit cards offer a concierge that assists with travel planning, restaurant reservations, event tickets, and more.

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The bottom line is that credit cards can be a valuable tool in the right hands. In fact, your international adventure will be more than just convenient if you remember to use your credit card securely. We urge you to follow these tips and make informed decisions to augment your financial gain and turn yourself into a globetrotter!

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