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By OneCard   |   November 22, 2023

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Travel Credit Cards are transforming how people are discovering the world. Offering a plethora of benefits and features, these cards have gained immense popularity among globetrotters and wanderers alike. Whether you are a business traveller, a backpacker, or a vacation enthusiast, getting the best travel Credit Card in India can enhance your travel experiences and give you a means to save more conveniently.

What is a Travel Credit Card?

A Travel Credit Card is a financial tool designed specifically for travellers. It combines the benefits of a Credit Card with exclusive travel-related perks and rewards. By using this card, individuals can earn reward points and avail discounts while making travel bookings.

Features and Benefits of Travel Credit Cards

1. Reward Points

One of the major highlights of Travel Credit Cards is the accumulation of reward points on every transaction. These points can be redeemed for various travel-related expenses like flight bookings, hotel stays, car rentals, and more.

2. Discounts on Travel Bookings

Travel credit cards can give you a chance to earn discounts while booking. You only need to visit the travel site, select the flight or hotel of your choice, and enter required details.

3. Hotel Loyalty Programs

Many Travel Credit Cards in India are affiliated with renowned hotel chains and their loyalty programs. By using such cards, travellers can earn loyalty points, enjoy room upgrades, receive complimentary breakfast, and access other exclusive hotel benefits, ensuring a comfortable and rewarding stay.

4. Lounge Access

Some travel credit cards in India grant you access to luxurious airport lounges worldwide. Whether you’re departing, transiting, or arriving, you can unwind in comfortable surroundings, relish delectable snacks, access Wi-Fi, and enjoy other premium amenities, elevating your travel experience to new heights.

5. Discounts and Offers

Travel Credit Cards in India come with several exclusive discounts and offers on travel-related expenses such as flight bookings, hotel stays, dining, car rentals, and more. Availing these discounts can lead to substantial savings and enhance your overall travel budget.

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Why is OneCard One of the Best Credit Cards for Travel in India?

OneCard is a leading credit card with many benefits for frequent travellers, offering an array of travel-centric benefits and rewards.

  • With OneCard, you can earn reward points that can be redeemed to make purchases related to your travel.
  • With OneCard, your top 2 monthly spending categories get you 5X rewards. In case travel related expenses rank higher than others in a month, you can get rewards points for the same.
  • With OneCard you can avail of many credit card offers to help you save more on your travel related bookings through leading travel aggregators in India, including Yatra, MakeMyTrip, Ixigo, and others.
  • If you use your OneCard to pay for food on your travels, you can get some great rewards on the same.
  • OneCard also offers one of the lowest forex markup at 1% to help you with further savings on your foreign travel.

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Documents Required to Apply for a Travel Credit Card

To apply for a Travel Credit Card in India, you will typically need the following documents:

  • Identity proof (such as a PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, or Passport)
  • Address proof (such as an Aadhaar Card, Utility Bill, or Bank Statement)
  • Income proof (such as Salary Slips, Income Tax Returns, and Bank Statements)

However, remember that the documentation required for a Travel Credit Card can vary among card issuers.

How to Apply for a Travel Credit Card?

To apply for a Credit Card follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website of or download the from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Fill out the online application form with the required details, such as PAN, mobile number, and residential address.
  3. Upload any required documents as per the provided guidelines.
  4. Review and submit your application.
  5. Wait for the verification process to be completed.
  6. Once approved, you will receive your credit card at your registered address.

For OneCard, all you need to do is download the app to get started. If everything goes right, you can complete the onboarding process in less than 5 minutes and get instant access to your virtual credit card.

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Do's and Don'ts While Using a Travel Credit Card:

Here are some essential do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while using a Travel Credit Card in India:

Do's Don'ts
Monitor your Credit Card statements regularly to track your expenses and detect any fraudulent activities. Avoid maxing out your credit limit to maintain a healthy credit score.
Inform your Credit Card provider about your travel plans and activate required transaction limits to prevent transactions getting declined Don't share your card details or PIN with anyone to ensure the security of your card.
Utilise the card's reward programs to maximise your benefits and savings. Avoid making unnecessary impulsive purchases that can lead to debt accumulation.
Settle your Credit Card bills on time to avoid interest charges and late payment fees. Avoid using your Credit Card on unsecured or suspicious websites to prevent online fraud.


Credit cards with travel benefits have almost become a necessity for avid travellers. With attractive features, reward points, and benefits, credit cards enhance the overall travel experience while offering financial convenience and savings. OneCard stands out as an all-in-one benefit packed credit card that also provides many incentives for travellers, catering to the unique needs of travellers with its exclusive perks, and user-friendly experience.

FAQs on Travel Credit Cards

How do Travel Credit Cards work?

Travel Credit Cards work by offering various rewards, benefits, and perks specifically tailored for travellers. Users earn reward points or miles on transactions, which they can redeem for travel-related expenses.

Is it worth it to take out a Travel Credit Card?

Yes, a Travel Credit Card is worth it for frequent travellers as it provides exclusive benefits, rewards, and savings on travel-related expenses, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Which Credit Card is best for booking flight tickets?

OneCard is highly recommended for booking flight tickets as it offers attractive rewards, and discounts on flight and hotel bookings on major booking platforms.

Are there any eligibility criteria for getting a Travel Credit Card?

Yes, the common requirements include a minimum age, a stable source of income, and a good credit score. However, the eligibility criteria for credit cards vary among different credit card issuers.

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