Credit Card Flight Offers: Tips & Tricks to Maximise Your Rewards

By OneCard   |   November 22, 2023

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Travelling has become essential to modern life, whether for work or vacation. And finding great deals on flight bookings to make that travel affordable is always a good idea. Fortunately, credit card flight offers have made this easier.

The credit card offers on flight booking allow cardholders to reduce flight costs, earn reward points, redeem rewards and avail of huge savings. Let’s see how.

Credit Card Rewards on Flight Booking

Credit cards like OneCard offer a variety of rewards and benefits that make them popular among travellers. If you’re booking a domestic or international ticket, credit card offers on flight bookings can greatly improve your experience through following benefits.

  • Flight discounts - Many credit cards partner with airlines or travel sites to provide exclusive discounts on flight ticket prices or cashback on purchases. For example - If you are a OneCard user, you can book flight tickets with,, and to get the best deals on bookings.*

  • Reward points - Credit cards users can earn reward points on almost all transactions, including flights. Over time points can be redeemed for flight bookings, and hotel stays.

  • Lounge access - Some travel-oriented credit cards also provide complimentary access to airport lounges where one can relax and access WiFi, refreshments and other amenities before flying.

*Offers vary from time to time. Please refer your OneCard app for information on the latest offers.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Credit Card for Flight Bookings

When choosing a credit card for flight tickets, consider several factors:

  • Travel partnerships - Look for cards that partner with airlines and travel sites you frequently use to gain access to their exclusive offers and discounts.

  • Reward structures - Compare how different cards reward flight spending through points, miles and bonuses. Select the one aligned with your airfare expenses and travel needs.

  • Interest rate & fees - Consider the card’s interest rate and annual fee. Weigh a card’s annual cost against the potential value of its benefits and rewards for flight purchases to determine if the fees are worthwhile.

  • Additional travel perks - Seek extra benefits like travel insurance, concierge service, and discounts on hotels and rentals that complement your air travel and add value.

  • Travel insurance - Determine if the card covers trip interruptions, cancellations, lost luggage and medical emergencies to secure your travel investment.

  • Customer service - Assess the quality and reliability of a card’s customer support in case any issues arise during trips requiring assistance.

  • Acceptance - Ensure the card you choose is accepted at airlines, airports and travel merchants wherever you go, domestic and abroad.

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Tips and Tricks to Maximise Your Credit Card Rewards for Flights

To maximise the benefits of credit card flight offers, follow these tips:

  • Research and Compare: Research and compare cards to find the one with maximum deals, discounts and rewards programs that best suit your travel needs.

  • Keep an Eye on Offers: Take advantage of limited-time promotions and flash sales to get the best possible deals and maximise rewards.

  • Track Your Spending: Be mindful of spending to avoid unnecessary debt; manage your finances responsibly while using travel cards.

  • Focus on Bonus Categories: Focus spending on bonus categories like travel, dining, etc. or online purchases if your card offers extra rewards for these - e.g. using the card for flight bookings when travel is a bonus category.

  • Consider Companion Tickets: Some cards provide discounted fares when travelling with a family member or friend.

  • Use Price Protection: Take advantage of price protection that refunds the difference if you find a lower price for the same flight within a specified period.

  • Keep an Eye on Expiring Rewards: Monitor expiring rewards and redeem them before they expire to maximise the value of your credit card’s flight offer benefits.

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Credit cards offer attractive offers to save on airfare and accumulate rewards.

The next time you plan a trip, check out the OneCard app for super offers on flights across various partner brands. The card allows you to transform ordinary flight bookings into affordable, rewarding travel experiences aligned with your preferences.

Besides this, you can get amazing deals and offers with partner brands on flights and hotels.

  • MakeMyTrip: Up to 12% off + same price EMI

  • Yatra: Up to 15% off + same price EMI

  • Ixigo: Save 10% on Flights

  • Up to 10% cashback on hotel bookings

  • Zingbus: Get 30% off up to Rs 200

  • AbhiBus: Save up to Rs 500 on bus bookings

    *Offers vary from time to time. Please refer your OneCard app for information on the latest offers.


Is there any benefit to booking flights with a credit card?

Yes, you can use a credit card to book flights and get rewards points. A credit card can help you save money on flights by giving you access to discounts and special offers.

Is it better to buy a flight ticket using a credit card?

Using a flight ticket offer on a credit card can be advantageous if you choose a card with travel-centric benefits. Credit cards like OneCard offer discounts and other perks that can significantly enhance your travel experience.

Which credit card provides domestic flight offers?

There are several credit cards that offer domestic flight offers. If you are looking for a credit card with smooth experience and best offers on all purchases, explore OneCard. You can also avail of offers on popular domestic airlines and travel booking platforms.

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