A Complete How-To Guide for Buying Apple Products

By OneCard   |   March 06, 2024

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Being a part of the Apple ecosystem is synonymous with being an admirer of creativity and innovation. But when it comes time to buy an Apple product, it can get daunting to choose the best one. Fret not! Our guide will help you choose the right product from the right place and confidently go about the entire process of purchasing it.

How To Identify the Right Product

Should you go for the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max? Despite them having virtually identical specs, there is a difference, which means there is a choice to be made. So before deciding which product to buy, consider the following points:

1. Compare Your Needs with Product Specifications

A photographer may opt for the latest iPhone and a standard Mac, while a designer might prefer an older iPhone and the latest Mac with a powerful processor. Before reaching for your wallet, list your requirements and review the specs on the Apple website. Also, seek advice from tech influencers like Geeky Ranjit or Marques Brownlee on YouTube.

2. Check Product Launch Year

Apple products have a long tech-relevancy shelf life, as their products are always the frontrunners of tech innovation. Thus, depending on your requirements, an older iPad Pro might function better than the latest standard iPad version.

3. Stick To Your Budget

Before deciding between two product variations based on price, conduct a cost-benefit analysis. Ask yourself if a MacBook with 256GB of storage meets your needs instead of the pricier 1TB option, especially with the affordable cloud storage available today.

Where To Buy the Product From

Once you’ve decided on the product, it’s time to decide the ideal place for you to make the purchase. Below are your options:

1. Online Platforms

There are multiple online stores to purchase Apple products from. The most prominent ones are Apple’s official website, e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart, and Apple-certified premium resellers such as iFuture and Maple. Selective credit/debit cards offer discounts from 5 to 15% on online shopping, along with no-cost EMIs.

2. Offline Stores

If you value experiencing a product firsthand or prefer personal interactions and trustworthy sources, consider visiting premier electronic stores like Croma or Vijay Sales. If there’s an Apple store in your vicinity, it’s an obvious choice to visit one for a unique shopping experience.

3. Buying Abroad

If your friend or a relative buys an Apple product for you from overseas, consider the currency exchange rates and potential forex fees. Be mindful of possible differences, such as charger outlets, missing purchase bills, and country-locked features like SIM card slots.

When is the Right Time To Buy

You have finally decided on the product and where you will buy it from. Now, all that is left is knowing when to buy it. While purchasing a device right after its launch might sound exciting, below are a few alternatives that you can consider:

1. Festive Season Sales

What better time to shop for electronics than the festive season sale? E-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart announce festive sales, usually lasting a week, where you can avail of massive discounts. If you are a One Credit Card user, check out brand offers, OneStore and Offers Around You for the best deals.

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2. Offer Sales and Price Drops

Missed the Independence Day or Diwali festive sales? Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the last week of November will save the day. Additionally, Apple products drop in price each year. For example, the iPhone 14 launched in 2022 at INR 79,900 was priced at INR 57,999 in January 2024 (Flipkart).

Which Payment Method To Prefer

Ready to make your purchase? You can avail of great deals depending on your method of payment. Here are some of them:

1. Card

Making a full payment for an Apple product can grant you the opportunity to earn a lot of reward points due to the product’s high price. For example, with One Credit Card, you can unlock 5x reward points for two top spend categories every month when you spend on at least three categories in that month.

2. EMI

EMIs are a great option if you want to make your purchase more affordable. EMIs generally span from 3 to 24 months, while you can also buy products on a no-cost EMI for a three to six-month tenure. If there is no option for EMI available at the merchant, you can make a full purchase and convert it to EMI easily from the One Credit Card app.

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Apple products are a great addition to your gadget collection. But knowing what, when, where, and when to buy them can greatly enhance your experience. With this all-you-need-to-know guide, you are bound to feel more confident about making your next Apple purchase.

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