5 Ways Credit Card Benefit You

By OneCard   |   November 07, 2022

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Why does one need a credit card? Your debit card, cash or online payment methods do just the same job, right? Well, yes & no. Credit cards are a great financial tool that not only gets you better deals but also helps avoid stress & hassle in many situations.

Let’s jump straight to examples because this is a perfect season to keep your credit card handy.

1: Big purchases on the way

As we near the new year, the itch to make big changes are going to take over. Whether it is renovating your house, planning a vacation, or getting a new planner, your budget will see a few tweaks.

This is the perfect opportunity to pull out your credit card. You may or may not have saved up for these big purchases, but a credit card lets you go for it. OneCard even lets you convert your spends into easy EMIs anytime in the app.

Understand the difference between a planned purchase and an impulsive purchase, and only go for things you would be okay to pay off later.

2: Boosting your creditworthiness

Credit cards are an excellent way of building a good credit report. Banks and financial institutions often check your credit history before approving a loan or deciding on interest rates. Your credit score can also have a positive impact on your rental applications, job applications, insurance terms, etc.

Ensure that you make your credit card payments on time and in full, and regularly check your credit score.

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3: For a rewarding festive season

Let’s be honest, resisting offers can get especially tough during festivities. Add to that the urge to collect rewards. Credit cards let you enjoy high purchasing power and also offer great deals in the form of cashbacks, rewards & more.

Certain credit cards have restrictions on how you can redeem the rewards so remember to check that.

Did you know that OneCard’s rewards get credited instantly and never expire? It also lets you earn 5x rewards points on top 2 category spends so be it a shopping spree or travel deal, OneCard makes spending season all the more rewarding.

4: Planning for emergencies

Not all financial emergencies are bad. Maybe your bestie decided to get married next month, or you adopted a pup you just met, this short cash crunch can be easily solved with a credit card. Credit cards usually offer an interest-free period of 45 days to pay off the bills and take the stress away from such moments.

While it’s okay to reach out for your credit card during short-term emergencies such as this, do not treat your card as your sole emergency fund.

5: Avoiding the hassle of cash

Credit cards are a safer and more convenient alternative to cash as it provides protection against fraud and loss. And as long as you pay your dues on time and in full, you are not charged any interest. Why carry the risk of cash, when you can secure your transactions with a credit card!

If you are planning to get a credit card, check out India’s own mobile-first metal credit card - OneCard .


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