OneCard Visa Forex Contest T&Cs

1. What is the OneCard Visa Forex contest?
OneCard Visa Forex/Cross Border Contest is a ‘Leaderboard’ contest, where top ‘Ranked’ OneCard users can win a Travel Voucher of INR 1,00,000 (One Lakh Only). Contest Duration- 20th June-15th August 2024.
2. Who can participate in this contest?
OneCard members (other than CSB One co-branded credit cardholders)
3. How to participate in the Spend & Win: Forex Edition Contest?
OneCard members can participate in the contest by clicking on the ‘Sign Me Up’ button in the Offers section.
Login to OneCard App → Rewards Tab → Offers Section → Contest Banner → Sign Me Up
  • Participants will be awarded designated ‘Coins’ on successful forex transactions. Total number of ‘Coins’ earned by participants will define the ‘Rank’ of the participants in the leaderboard. Higher and faster the ‘Coins’ are earned, the better the ‘Rank’
    ₹1 worth forex transaction = 1 Coin
  • At the end of the contest, top ranked participants will win a Travel Voucher of INR1,00,000 (One Lakh Only).
4. What is ‘Leaderboard’?
Leaderboard is a table in the back-end where the ‘Ranks’ and ‘Coins’ scored by each participant are maintained. Any participant can view the top 10 rankholders in the contest and their respective ‘Coins’ earned, besides their own ‘Rank’ and ‘Coins’ earned.
‘Ranks’ for OneCard members are generated only after they have ‘Signed up’ for the contest and earned ‘Coins’. The ‘Ranks’ are dynamic in nature and can keep changing depending on the performance of all other participants.
5. What are the prizes to be won in the contest?
Winners Prizes
Top 5 - top 5 on the leaderboard after due diligence post contest A travel Voucher of INR1,00,000 (One Lakh Only).
Daily Winners - users who win maximum coins in a particular day Exciting goodies & merchandise
6. What tasks need to be performed to win ‘Coins’? What is the max. number of times each task can be performed?
  • User can make as many forex transactions as needed to earn maximum amount of coins, there is no capping.
  • Daily winning is applicable once per user during the contest period.
7. Where can I see the offer details?
  • Login to OneCard App → Rewards Tab → Offers Section → Contest Banner
  • In case you are unable to see the contest in the Offers section, kindly update your OneCard app
8. How will I know whether I have won the prize or not?
  • On the Winner Announcement Day, Participant will see a pop-up inside the contest page that will notify whether or not they have won any prizes and which one
  • Winners will also be notified through various communication channels, like Push Notification/ Call/ SMS/ Email(s)/ OneCard’s Social Media handles etc. regarding the prizes won at the end of the Contest
    Daily winner can also see the pop up real-time on the contest page
9. How will the ‘Ranks’ be decided, when 2 or more participants have the same ‘Medals’
Typically, in such cases, the participant who has reached the latest ‘Coins’ score first will be assigned a better rank. In all exceptional circumstances, OneCard's decisioning algorithm will have the final say, and no disagreements will be considered.
10. Who can NOT participate in the contest?
  • Delinquent OneCard members
  • IDFC One co-branded credit cardholders, until migrated to other Bank
  • CSB Bank One co-branded credit cardholders
  • OneCard reserves the right to blacklist any member found to be misusing, including foreclosure of EMI transactions
11. When will I receive my Prize?
Leaderboard Prizes - Leaderboard Prizes will be announced on the ‘Winner Announcement Date’
  • Packages: After announcement, OneCard team will get in touch with the winner within 5-10 working days with further details and formalities
  • OneRewards: After announcement, eligible OneRewards if won, will be credited instantly
12. What happens if the winner does not accept the Prize within the stipulated deadline?
In such a scenario where the winner does not accept the Prize or confirm the prize within the stipulated deadline despite notifications & reminders, the Prize will be passed on to the next winner
13. Can I give my Travel voucher to a friend or relative instead?
The Prizes are not transferable. In the event of unavailability of the announced winner, OneCard reserves the right to pass on the prize to another Participant.
14. Can I opt for points or cash-out instead of above-mentioned prizes after I win them?
No. None of the Prizes can be exchanged for Rewards or cash-out.

Detailed Terms & Conditions

The “Onecard Visa Forex/Cross Border Contest” (“Campaign”) is being run by FPL Technologies Private Limited (herein after referred to as “FPL” throughout the Terms and Conditions herein) on behalf of Participant’s issuing bank, and VISA. The terms and conditions associated with the Campaign are as follows:

Visa Terms & Conditions:

FPL Terms and Conditions:

Voucher terms and conditions: