Best Seasons to Use Credit Cards

By OneCard   |   January 11, 2023

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Life is good when you get things you want, but it can be great when you get them a little faster. Credit cards can be instrumental in getting you there. Here are a few times credit cards can save up you a great deal of hassle and money.

1. Weddings aka big fat expenses season

Your friend is having a destination wedding in goa, but you spent the month’s budget on an iPhone? From booking throwing a perfect bachelorette to flight tickets & planning perfect outfits, it’s not possible to have it all under a tight budget. This is when your credit card becomes your best buddy. It not only gets you a credit-free limit of up to 45 days, but also it helps you save a few bucks on discounts & offers.

The only thing you have to ensure here is maintaining a healthy credit card limit utilization ratio and paying your dues on time.

2. Setting up a house aka ‘budget can wait’ season

All of us have dreamt of living in a home where we get to decorate every corner tastefully. Be it a house of your own or a rented property, setting up a house is a costly affair. You may already be dealing with hefty deposits or EMIs so burning your savings isn’t ideal in this situation. But you can get it with your credit cards for no additional cost as long as you know you can pay off the dues next month.

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3. Traveling aka YOLO season

Be it an impromptu SOLO trip you planned over the weekend or a once-in-lifetime Europe trip, tracking your expenses can be tedious. But one look at your credit statement can give you a clear picture of where your money is going. It also works as a safe alternative to cash and a backup against your debit card.

Did you know that on OneCard you can take complete control of your credit using the OneCard app? OneCard is a mobile-first credit card where one can track, manage and control their card with a single click.

4. Buying a big ticket item aka splurging season

You have been eyeing something for a while now, but it is still stuck in your wishlist?! Well, if you can’t get it with your savings yet then you can still get it with your credit card.

The biggest benefit of putting a big-ticket item on a credit card is that you get to convert it into EMIs. So you don’t have to worry about paying it off at once. Needless to say, cashbacks and offers also give you the relief of bagging a better deal.

On OneCard, you can convert any expense into easy EMIs with just one click on the app. Download OneCard and experience the ease of payments.


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